Subaru Forester (LU899UU) 2013


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ფასი Subaru Forester 2013
$34.00 / დღე
საათობრივი ღირებულება:
$40.00 /საათი

Embark on your Tbilisi and Georgia exploration in style with our Subaru Forester rental. Book your vehicle today and set off on a memorable journey through this captivating region.

მძლავრი და მრავალფუნქციური: The Subaru Forester offers versatile performance, perfect for both urban exploration and off-road adventures.

უსაფრთხოება: With Subaru’s renowned all-wheel-drive system, the Forester provides exceptional traction and stability, ensuring confidence in all driving conditions.

კომფორტული შიდა სივრცე: Enjoy a comfortable and roomy interior, designed to accommodate both passengers and cargo during your journey.

Elevate your Tbilisi and Georgia adventure with our Subaru Forester rental. This compact SUV seamlessly combines practicality, performance, and comfort for an unforgettable driving experience.


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